Child Sexual Abuse Case Brings 3-Day Jury Trial to Price


A three-day jury trial was recently hosted in the Carbon County Seventh District Courthouse regarding a case against Marrion Ray Haigler, 61 years of age.

Haigler was accused of three separate counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child. The presumptive sentence for a conviction of just one of these offenses is 15 years to life with imprisonment being mandatory. The child in question was reported to have been abused by Haigler for a number of years, beginning around early 2014.

The child eventually spoke with a parent and informed them of what had allegedly happened over the years.

The counts were representative, meaning that there may have been more counts involved but Haigler was charged with the three. In the end, the jury acquitted Haigler of the first two counts and convicted him on a third, lesser count of sexual battery.

Haigler’s pre-sentence is being investigated and he is scheduled for sentencing on Nov. 20. While cases such as these vary on sentencing, the maximum that Haigler could face is one year in the county jail.

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