Christian Bryner Named Interim Criminal Prosecutor for Carbon County


Following the appointment of Jeremy Humes as a 7th District Court Judge, there was a vacancy for a Carbon County Deputy Attorney to prosecute criminal cases. Because this is an elected position, this left the commissioners with the duty to fill the role with an interim attorney until the upcoming election.

During the Carbon County Commission meeting on Wednesday evening, the commissioners appointed Christian Bryner as the interim attorney. Bryner, who already serves as the Carbon County Deputy Attorney for civil cases, will fill both roles with assistance from his colleagues.

According to John Schindler, the justice court deputy attorney, the decision to appoint Bryner was unanimous throughout the prosecuting office. Following this recommendation from the office, the commissioners made a motion to appoint Bryner to the position, which he gratefully accepted in front of family and colleagues.

“It’s a real honor to be appointed as the Carbon County Attorney and I just want to assure you and the public that we have an outstanding Carbon County Attorney’s Office,” said Bryner. “It’s our goal to do our best to keep Carbon County the best place in the world to live, because it really is the best place in the world.”

Bryner, who has served the county for 10 years, has come to know Commissioner Casey Hopes well in the seven years that he has been in office. For this reason, Bryner requested that Hopes administer the oath of office ceremony as he stepped into this new role.

“I am excited for this opportunity,” Bryner concluded.

Bryner will serve in the role until the upcoming election in November. At that time, the position will be open for the remainder of the term, which will be two years. Bryner expressed that he will add his name to the ballot and aim to continue serving local citizens through the position.


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