Christian Motorcycle Association Rides in Price


On Saturday morning, members of the Christian Motorcycle Association continued their statewide prayer ride in Price. They gathered outside Price City Hall to pray for first responders, firefighters and those who help in times of need, among other items. The Christian Motorcycle Association is a worldwide administration that started in St. George, while the local chapter is called Castle Country Crusaders.

Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos was in attendance and was grateful for the visit from the group. “It was very enlightening; it was uplifting. As an elected official, the work we are trying to accomplish in our community, we need all the prayers to accomplish those tasks and to make our community better,” stated Mayor Kourianos.

Before the group took to their next stop in Duchesne, Steve Gather from the St. George Chapter presented Mayor Kourianos with an “Amor of God” token for his hard work in the community. When talking about the prayer ride, Gather said, “Paul Schmitt had the dream to ride around Utah. We started in St. George and will end up farthest north in Scardon City and then [we will] make our way back down south.”

The riders visited the capitol in Salt Lake City on Sunday, where they did a devotional pray for the state, before they continued north.

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