Christmas Day Feast Planned for Less Fortunate Citizens


Plans are currently underway for a Christmas day soup kitchen event on the USU Eastern campus. According to Carbon County Food Bank worker Brenda Deeter, several entities have shown interest in preparing and serving a Christmas feast for the homeless, low income and veterans in the area.

“Over Thanksgiving, we had 16 missionaries show up asking to serve at a soup kitchen,” she explained. “When they found out there is not a facility specifically for that, they decided an event at Christmas would be a good idea.”

Deeter agreed and began looking into the matter. After contacting Terry Johnson at USU Eastern, plans were made for the Christmas day event. “The Sun Center will be hosting the dinner,” Deeter stated. “The college will order the food and allow everything to be prepared in their kitchen at the student center.”

Although most of the food and supplies are covered, there is still more that is needed. Deeter explained that approximately $250 is still needed to guarantee success at the event. Anyone interested in donating to the cause should contact Deeter at the food bank at either (435) 637-9232 or (435) 820-8140. Volunteers to serve dinner on Christmas day may also call Deeter for further information.

Dinner will be conducted between 1 and 4 p.m. Christmas day at the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center on the USU Eastern Campus.


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