Christmas Dinner Provided to 250 Residents by Community Cares


The non-profit group Community Cares hosted its annual Christmas dinner at the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center on December 25. This dinner is available to the public and aims to ensure that nobody spends Christmas alone or with an empty stomach.

The dinner featured food such as turkey, ham, stuffing and the like and took place between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. This year, edible Christmas trees were also provided for the children in attendance to decorate and then enjoy. Children’s books could also be found on each table and were free for the kids to take home.

Between attendees of the dinner and meals that were delivered to homes, around 250 residents were served. Members of the community were also provided with a shuttle service when required.

Community cares is chaired by Brenda Deeter. Other members of the non-profit group are Stephanie, Steve and Pam Cha, Gillian Bishop, Liz Diamond, Colleen Byrge, Ray Haycock, Vicki Ori, Tami Huntington and Terry Johnson.

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