Christmas Dinner Serves Hundreds


The annual Community Cares Christmas Dinner returned to the USU Eastern Jennifer Leavitt Student Center on Monday afternoon, welcoming the community with a free meal and holiday cheer.

As always, the free event provided meals to hungry, elderly, homeless or needy community members, though any that wished to attend were welcome. The dinner featured a complete holiday meal with the usual staples, accompanied by entertainment and gifts.

USU Eastern prepared for 350 meals and there were no leftovers once the day was finished. Alongside this, there were also 125 dinners that were delivered. Patrons remarked on how elegant the set up was and some even stated that it was the first meal they had enjoyed in days.

“We fed a lot of people and they were all so appreciative,” shared Pam Cha of Community Cares. “Many said it was their first time attending it and they hope we are continuing this tradition next year. It was a rewarding experience.”

Community Cares is a non-profit organization that operates to give back to the community during the holidays. The executive comminttee consists of Brenda Deeter, Bill Hicks, Pam Cha, Stephanie Cha, Steve Cha, Liz Dimond and Scottie Draper. Each year, the event is organized by the executive committee and made possible by countless donations and volunteers.

For additional information on Community Cares or to support next year’s dinner, please contact Pam Cha at (435) 820-6628 or Brenda Deeter at (435) 820-8140.

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