CHS Drama Students Prepare for Region *Photo Gallery*


In preparation for region drama, which will be hosted in Price this year, the students of Carbon High School (CHS) drama presented “Shootout at Shadow Mountain,” a modern musical melodrama by T.J. Davis, on Thursday evening.

This presentation was a warm-up for the students and acted as a showing for parents and family. Those in the audience were given ballots to critique the musical and give the students constructive criticism before the big show in front of the judges. Steve Pay, CHS Director of Theatre, explained that the show has to be performed in a 60-minute timeframe, with the minimum time being 25 minutes. The act may be any type of show.

The director of “Shootout at Shadow Mountain” is CHS senior Hunter Heath. Pay stated that the play is completely student-run and each student will also be doing an individual event for the competition, which is March 26 and 27.

In his director’s notes, Heath explained that each year, a large part of the annual drama competition is the production of a one-act play or musical. Rehearsals began in September and have continued steadily since that time.

“Every single one of our cast members have gone above and beyond the call of duty to embody these larger-than-life characters,” Heath shared. “It has been a long process, but everyone in the cast and crew has shown up to their rehearsals with a smile on their face and passion for this show in their heart.”

“Shootout at Shadow Mountain” follows two lawbreakers that break free from the law and work to scheme against a small town sheriff, culminating in a deadly western shootout.

Sheriff Zeke William was played by Blake Grundy and the role of Claire Hamilton was played by Nellie Heaton. Easton Horsley played Jaques Javert, joined by Ryker Childs as Big Guns Bo Garrett. Jamie Hapsmith played Moxie Mayweather while the role of Jut Johnson was played by Kassidy Childs.

Kate “The Killer” Coleman was played by Tabitha Davis and Graydee Noyes was the pianist for the performance. Jaydea Price, Ariana Mastin, Camden Chamberlain, Mielee Prettyman, Jack Livingston, Leonard Livingston, T’kiah MacArthur, Morgan Innes, Makaela Kinder, Ehrinn Polito and Maddii Criddle acted as tech.

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