CHS Girl’s Swim Team scores big win over Uintah *Photo Gallery*


On Tuesday the Carbon girls swimming posted a big win against Uintah with Carbon girls scoring 97 and  Uintah 64. The  boys were not a successful with Carbon 46 and Uintah 123.

Carbon girls start their meet out strong with a 1st place finish in the 200 medley relay of Brittney Willson, Sadie Crompton, Lauren Engar, Addy Olson. Boys 200 medley finished 2nd with their best time of the season,The team consisted of Joseph Keller, Ryan Atwood, Kaden Earl.

Carbon Girls continue their strong swimming with a 1st place finish from Willson in the 200 free with Olson in 3rd and Ali Heath in 4th. The boys 200 free had Atwood in 4th, Harry Torgerson in 5th, and Dalton Latimer in 6th.

Engar dominated the 200 IM finishing 21 seconds faster then the next competitor, Heidi Prettyman in 4th. For the boys it was  Keller in second in the 200 IM, and Gabe VanDyke in 4th.

In the girls 50 free Crompton grabbed 1st, and Susannah Ohlwiler was 2nd followed by Tati Larsen in 4th, and Bailee Martinez in 10th. Boys 50 free Kaden Earl ended 4th, Garrett Marsing in 8th, Will Laursen in 9th, Drew Behunin in 10th, Oscar Jeppson in 11th, Kyson Anderson takes 12th, and Jonah Prettyman in 14th. Girls 100 butterfly Veronica Ibanez finishes in 2nd, Lauren Engar in 3rd, and Tati Larsen in 5th. Ryan Atwood the only Carbon swimmer in the 100 fly takes 4 sec. off his time and places 2nd.

Girls 100 free Willson easily finishes 1st, Ohlwiler in 3rd, Tavery Larsen takes 8th, Anna Bryner in 9th, Andie Hofer takes 10th, and Bailee Martinez in 11th. Boys 100 free had Joel Garff placing 1st, Connor Holyoak in 6th, Josh McCourt takes 8th,  Latimer in 9th, and Todd Davis takes 10th.

The 500 free  proved not to be a challenge for Ibanez finishing 1st,with Heath in 3rd. Boys 500 had Torgerson in 5th and Earl in 6th.

Carbon Girls placed three in the top four spots for the100 back. Leading the way  was Olson first with Tavery Larsen in 3rd, Hofer in 4th, and Francesca DeAngelis in 10th. For the  boys 100 back it was Keller swimming his best time and finishing 2nd, and  Laursen taking 5th.

100 breast stroke proved to be a little challenging for girls and boys with Crompton in 3rd, Prettyman in 4th, Anna Bryner in 8th.Garff in second just barely out touched by his Uintah opponent., Marsing finished  5th,  Behunin in 6th, Josh McCourt ended in 8th and Todd Davis finished 10th.

In the final event the Carbon girls 400 free relay was 58 seconds ahead of the next team for first with the team of Engar, Ibanez, Olson, and Willson. Boys 400 free consisting of Keller, Atwood, Earl, and Garff finished off with a 2nd place finish.

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