CHS PEAK Club Donates Blankets to Family Support and Children’s Justice Center


Santa Claus came early to the Family Support and Children’s Justice Center located in Carbon County. This time, however, he did not ride in a sleigh with bell-laden reindeer. This year, Santa came in the form of four Carbon High School students from the school’s PEAK club and their two advisers.

“Last year, we wanted to do an essentials drive and it didn’t go over as well as we’d hoped,” Jaci Bera, the club’s president, stated. “With the colder season coming we thought it would be best if we did blankets.” With the idea in mind, the club set to work both gathering and, in some cases, making and finishing the blankets to be donated.

“I took some blankets home and finished tying the corners,” club member Alyssa Parry explained. “I liked going there and giving them the blankets and seeing their smiles.”

“The blankets are especially amazing,” said Children’s Justice Center Coordinator Sandi Regruto. “When the kids come in for shelter placement they have nothing sometimes.” The thirteen blankets will possibly be put to use for children placed in the facility, as Christmas gifts and perhaps even for home visits to lighten the days of the children the companies work with.

Regruto also expressed how the blankets can be something for the child to have to help them feel secure in the sometimes new surroundings they may find themselves in. “We always love blankets,” she similarly expressed.

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