CHS Vocal Jazz Members Converse With Haitian Composer Sydney Guilluame


Photo courtesy of Arthella Williams

The Carbon High School Vocal Jazz recently had a unique experience while in class.

This experience was to Skype with Haitian composer Sydney Guilluame, the same composer who’s composition, “Twa Tanbou”, the vocal jazz has been working to learn. This Skype session served as a workshop with the composer. CHS Choral Director Arthella Williams stated that it is not very often, if at all, that students are able to interact with the composer of the song in which they are currently studying.

“It was such an amazing, fun and engaging experience. I’m definitely grateful for technology that allows us to have this educationally-rich experience with a long-distance composer within our own classroom,” Williams said. “I’m also grateful for the district technology department’s support to make sure everything ran smoothly.”

The vocal jazz students will be performing their Haitian work during their spring concert that is slated to take place on April 8 in the Carbon High auditorium at 7 p.m.

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