CIB Gives Generously to Cities in Carbon and Emery Counties


City representatives met with the Community Impact Board (CIB) in Price on Thursday. At the meeting, Price City received funds to assist two future projects while Castle Dale was granted funds for a new city hall building. Helper City also went before the board for two projects.

Price City received a $300,000 grant to match with $225,000 Price City money to purchase a new bubble and air handling equipment for the swimming pool,” Nick Tatton, community director for Price City, stated. “We also received a $600,000 2.5% interest loan for some water and sewer line replacements in both 400 North Street and 400 South Street. We should get the grant money for the pool later this year when the bubble goes up for the winter, hopefully the new bubble, and the water-sewer money over the course of the replacement project, which will be later this summer and fall through next spring.

Castle Dale was also approved to receive funds at the meeting. According to mayor Danny Van Wagoner, the granted funds will be used for a new city hall and agency building. The funds amount to $3.2 million, with 50% being awarded as a grant and 50% taking form of a 2.5% interest, 30-year loan.

Helper City also approached the board with two projects including culinary water system improvements and storm drainage improvements. According to Helper City Mayor Ed Chavez, the CIB awarded a $2 million, 0% interest loan as well as a $1.15 million grant to culinary improvements. However, the matter is pending until the matter goes before the Division of Drinking Water for approval. The CIB also approved a $3 million grant for the storm drainage improvements.

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