Citizen Brings Concerns to Price City Council About Drainage Issues


Price resident Brenda Kalatzes went before the Price City Council on Wednesday with concerns about the drainages along her street.

“I just want it on the agenda that I don’t want to go to jail,” she said. “I don’t want to be fined over something I have no control over.”

Kalatzes said that she received a notice in the mail which stated that the ditches along 454 East 200 South needed to be cleaned and regulated. She wanted the council to know that she had been trying to keep it regulated but with flooding from the ditches it has made the keep-up almost impossible.

Evidence shows that Kalatzes has tried to keep the drainages clean (see pictures). The cement ramps located over the ditches, though, were clogged making it evident that the ditches needed work.

The council thanked Kalatzes for her comments and then asked for her input on the situation. Council members will possibly discuss the topic in its next meeting if a resolution can’t be found before then.

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