Citizens Approach Elmo Town Council


By Julie Johansen

Concerns from citizens opened the Elmo Town Council meeting on Tuesday evening. The questions were about living in camp trailers and parking cars on the streets in Elmo Town.

It was questioned what happens if these ordinances are not followed. The council and mayor replied that they hope residents will follow the ordinances and requests without having to further enforce them.

Dustin Hansen then requested annexation of 15 acres southeast of Elmo Town. He was advised to complete the town’s checklist and bring the matter to the council for consideration.

The next item was a letter with questions from Talisman Civil Consultants regarding right-of-way requirements for excavation within town limits. The letter from the company stated that it was just a question as there are not active permits for any projects, but the company is working with Dominion Energy.

Councilwoman Lori Brady then gave the beautification report to the council. The committee is looking for a process to begin the cleanup of the highway between Cleveland and Elmo. They recognize it is a county road, meaning Elmo Town cannot give directions, but all would like to see it cleaned.

Councilman Stoney Jensen next gave a report on the fire department in Elmo Town. He stated that they will be receiving an engine from Castle Dale, but a new engine is expected in the future.

Elmo Town Clerk Gabbe Brotherson then spoke to the council about past due water bills and her attempts to collect the past due amounts. She said that after three months with no payment, the water will be turned until the account is paid in full. She has been working with seven bills in this direction and six have recently been paid in full.

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