Civil Air Patrol Brings Requests to Carbon Commission


The Civil Air Patrol came in force to the Carbon County Commission meeting on Wednesday to request a new hangar to be built at Price Airport.

The hangar would be used to house CAP planes and avionics. It would also house an emergency operations center for the CAP, allowing communications during training and real missions. The commission decided that they would like to research and see if they could find a solution to the needs of the CAP that would also be economically feasible.

Much debate was once again sparked at the April 20 meeting by the controversial new addressing ordinance. Commissioner Michael Milovich was worried that people would be confused when driving and trying to find a house. Another concern was that the postal service and other services may not be willing or able to use these new addresses.

The new addressing ordinance has been suggested so that emergency services would no longer be confused about multiple street addresses for homes. The new system would use a latitude/ longitude system of addressing.

The commission suggested that all buildings have both the new address and existing addresses. New developments would use only the new system when feasible.

The commission also opened up the floor for a public hearing on a rezoning of 19.52 acres near the model plane airport by the Fairgrounds. Concerns were voiced about the future need to move the model plane airport as the fly space is being encroached by development.

Public hearings were held during the meeting on two Conoco Phillips gas wells, one with the need to have a building to be removed, and the other to have a new water pump installed. Both were approved.

The Mayor of East Carbon attended, requesting funding from the commission for the 2011 East Carbon Cinco de Mayo Days event. The commission moved to give $600.

The commission opened sealed bids for mosquito abatement chemicals. The bids came from Price, Spanish Fork, Salt Lake City, Idaho, Florida and Louisiana.В  The commission moved to have them reviewed before the final bid was awarded.

Bids were also opened for paint striping of 1,000,000 linear feet of roads, and for the hauling of road oil and tar. These were given to county employee Brad McCourt for review.

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