Clarification of EPA Public Comment Hearing


Press Release

Today, the EPA will be conducting a public comment hearing seeking input on whether or not to accept the State of Utah’s Implementation Plan regarding how it will reduce regional haze or implement a federal control plan. The federal plan is significantly more financially burdensome to PacifiCorp than the State Plan. Furthermore, PacifiCorp has already taken steps to meet the State Plan which has included the shutdown of the Carbon Plant. The State Plan has impacted our industry, but the federal plan will have further significant impacts primarily to Hunter and Huntington. These two plants make up about 30% of Skyline shipments and even larger percentages for Sufco and Dugout. An attack on these plants represents a direct assault on our mines and therefore on our livelihoods. It will in turn effect the support industries and our community. Furthermore, this forced sacrifice will have little to no effect on the regional haze of Utah. As an industry we have stood by and taken these blows, but this one is too close to home to ignore. Bowie has responded by standing with PacifiCorp in support for the State Plan.

There are two hearings. Both held today, the first from 1pm to 5pm and the second is from 6 pm to 8pm. The mine is encouraging people to attend. People who are willing to say something at the hearing will need to sign up before the hearing gets started and then will be given 3-5 minutes to speak when their name is called. If you do speak, please be polite and courteous.

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