Cleveland Becomes Emery Recreation Football Champs


By Julie Johansen

Cleveland defeated Castle Dale in the final championship game of Emery Recreation on Thursday evening.

Cleveland claimed an 8-0 lead at the end of the first quarter of play and maintained the lead, scoring another two touchdowns before the third quarter of play. With less than a minute to play, Castle Dale ran the ball for their only touchdown.

The defensive game was mainly played in the center of the field with some fumbles and incomplete passes. However, it was a completed pass and recovery of those fumbles that helped Cleveland score the victory, 20-6.

The Cleveland team had players from Cleveland and Elmo and was coached by Caleb Sitterud. The Castle Dale team also had players from Ferron and they were coached by Trent Jackson.

The Emery Rec. District had five teams this year, including one from Carbon.

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