Cleveland Dinosaur Quarry Considered for National Monument at Public Lands Meeting


The Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry was the main discussion at Tuesday’s Emery County Public Lands meeting. The council took deep consideration into options of the quarry becoming a national monument, revising their motion to the Emery County Commission.

With the information of the quarry becoming a monument now out to the public, interest and opinions have stirred up in the community. Along with negative comments from the community, positive and excited comments have also been made. Making the quarry a monument could be the best way to preserve the quarry. It was noted that the quarry will not be shut down due to becoming a national monument.

Boundaries at the quarry seemed to be the main concern for the council and public, and options are being considered by the council for the best outcome. The council will support conception terms and recommend that the management plan be developed and executed properly. The quarry will be less than 1,000 acres.

The public lands council will recommend to the Emery County Commission for the adoption and approval, reflecting toward the current footprint monument and boundaries at the quarry. The Emery County Commission will officially determine what the goals are that reflect on the uses for the quarry.

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