Cleveland Elementary Bands Together for Fellow Student Battling Leukemia


Kaylee Taylor, a first grade student at Cleveland Elementary School, is currently battling her second diagnosis of leukemia.

Kaylee is the oldest sibling out of three, with younger brother Kyle and younger sister Kenzie. Her parents are Josh and Jennifer Taylor, both from the Castle Country area and currently residing in Cleveland.

The school wanted to let Kaylee know that she has their utmost support and showed this in a great way on Thursday afternoon. Kaylee’s first grade class featured five young men that chose to shave their heads in support of Kaylee. Once this happened, one of the fathers rewarded the class with a pizza from Little Caesars.

On the same day as the pizza party, the students were also rewarded with t-shirts in support of Kaylee and the opportunity to shave four more heads to show Kaylee that the school is behind her 100%. The shaving of the heads took place on the school’s lawn.

Not stopping there, the school worked all week to raise money for the Taylor family. Each day featured either pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters or an assortment of change that the students could donate. Each day, the raised amount was posted and at the end of the week, a grand total of $4125.60 had been raised for the family.

Donations are also being accepted from the community. Those that wish to support the Taylor family may drop of monetary donations at Cleveland Elementary’s front office.

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