Cleveland Elementary Hosts Spring Talent Show


Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students at Cleveland Elementary recently performed at their Spring Talent Show for parents and students.

Justin Curtis started the talent show off by playing the piano and Paige Stansfield danced. After, Danny and Seth playing the Ukulele. Shyanne Jensen played the piano, BreElle and Nya performed a dance number, Sage Laws played the piano, and Issac Kelly and Garrison Staples sang a song.

Also at the talent show, Isaac Jensen played the piano, Beni and Chewy danced, and Kyler Minchey demonstrated how to make a duck call. Kylie and Madisyn played a tune on their flutes and Mckay Sitterud played the piano. Angie Nielson and Shalyn Draper rounded out the talent show by performing a violin duet.

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