Cleveland Elementary Principal Jerel Lofley Leaves Legacy Behind for Retirement


Press Release

Mr. Lofley loves teaching and interacting with children. His teaching career began in 1975. He has been in education 44 years, 36 years as a classroom teacher and about eight years as an elementary school principal or acting principal when needed.

His teaching career started in Duchesne School District in the fall of 1975. He taught third and also fourth grades at Altamont Elementary for four years. In 1979, he moved back to Emery County to teach at Huntington Elementary where he taught fourth grade students for two years. He has enjoyed being a classroom teacher for 30 years at Cleveland Elementary. Children in second, third, fifth and first grades have been influenced by his love for reading, math, fun physical education classes, science, singing in the classroom and the joy of learning.

Mr. Lofley finds teaching first graders to read very rewarding. He loves seeing children learn and progress. As a principal, he works with students on showing respect to others and creating a safe, happy place for all students to thrive in. His time in education has allowed him to work with parents and teachers to help children succeed. He enjoys working with the faculty and staff at Cleveland Elementary. They are dedicated to helping the children learn the skills of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Even though Mr. Lofley will not be at Cleveland Elementary in the years to come, he will remember his years of teaching and remain a teacher and mentor of children.

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