Cleveland Elementary Students Present “Off Their Rockers”


Information Provided by Jerel Lofley 

On March 9, students of Cleveland Elementary’s fourth, fifth and sixth grades presented a play entitled “Off Their Rockers.”

The story of the play takes place in a senior citizen center where all is quiet and serene but perhaps a bit boring. The excitement of the center picks up when the center director decides to use music and dance to bring fun and excitement to the lives of the seniors.

The songs and dances that were chosen are songs that the seniors could relate to as part of their pasts. The center director, along with some friends and family, happily encourage the seniors to get off their rockers and join in on the fun.

Some of the classic numbers chosen for the play were as follows: “Old Time Rock and Roll,” “Banjo’s Back in Town,” “Rock Around The Clock” and “Dancing in The Street.” The students thoroughly enjoyed performing the play and the audience seemed to enjoy the performance.

“The play was incredible, the kids knew their parts so well,”one audience member stated. “This is one of the best student performances I have ever seen.”


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