Cleveland Officials Make Concessions in Response to Complaints Regarding Cemetery Damage


In response to concerns expressed during about damaged headstones during their November meeting, the Cleveland City Council has decided to hire part-time summer help to use a weed eater to trim the grass around headstones.

The decision was made in Thursday night’s meeting.

City officials hope that by trimming the grass, the damage, brought to their attention by Debbie Oviatt, will be eliminated.

Oviatt had complained that loved ones’ headstones were being damaged by the lawnmowers used by the cemetery workers, and had asked officials to cover the costs of repair or replacement.

However, city officials still don’t feel they can replace damaged headstones for Oviatt because of lack of proper funds to do so.

Mayor Verla Jensen reported, though, that Oviatt was pleased when she found out what the city council was doing to help with her concern.

“She seemed pleased,” Jensen remarked “Even though we couldn’t replace the headstones, she seemed relieved that we were making an honest effort to create a solution to the problem and seeing that it gets done.”

In talking about taking care of the cemetery, the council also discussed the trip they made to the cemetery to find out what could possibly be done to help Oviatt and any others who might be concerned as well.

“We really have a neat cemetery,” said Councilman Beth Mecham,” I honestly forgot what I was looking for because I was taken away by all of the old upright headstones.”

As for the summer position, City officials plan to find someone already employed part-time by the city to take on job so they won’t have to worry about amending the budget for next year.

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