Cleveland to Welcome Expanding Business


Conductive Composite is expanding its operations and has set its sights on Cleveland. This company develops and delivers conductivity-based polymer and composite solutions that answer the combined demands of conductivity and shielding performances in lightweight material systems.

Conductive Composites creates plastics and composites conduct and shield-like metals, successfully creating a new realm of opportunities and possibilities for composite and plastic products. Currently, the facility manufactures and modifies composite and plastic materials in a unique and proprietary chemical vapor deposition process.

“Our materials integrate game-changing conductivity and shielding performance, while preserving the basic weight, cost, structural, environmental and manufacturing performance advantages of composites and plastics,” stated Justin Orth, General Manager in the Advanced Materials Division.

Conductive Composites has advanced materials that are customizable to meet many types of requirements. They are also available in four product families, including nickel CVD coated fibers, nickel CVD coated non-wovens, integrated products and nanostrands.

The markets served by Conductive Composites are electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, specialty construction, defense, security, medical and consumer products. They are known proven solutions for reflectors, antennas, lighting strike protection, conductive polymers, conductive composites, faraday cases and enclosures, molded components, integration products, conduit and cables, and electrostatic discharge.

Orth remarks that the new facility will assist in providing additional production gas capabilities, future gas commercial sales and manufacturing potential.

The company wished to thank all of their employees, stating that they are highly skilled, hardworking and have helped to build the company into a world leader in the industry. They also wished to thank Carbon and Emery county local government officials and their employees for their continued support and endorsement of Conductive Composites.

“Conductive Composites is excited to be working with local general contractors, sub contractors and machine shops to build out the new facility. Our goal is to provide additional investment in Carbon and Emery counties. The new facility will also be providing new jobs and opportunities for the local workforce,” Orth concluded.

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