Cleveland Town Aims For Business Success


Cleveland Town Councilmen discussed Thursday different ways they could help local businesses promote products and services.

One avenue discussed was allowing citizens with business licenses to advertise on Town-owned property for one week each year.

Regardless of the advertising avenue, Councilmen agreed that helping local businesses would ultimately help Cleveland.

Councilman Bryan Christensen said, “I feel it is our duty as elected officials to help promote the local businesses.”


  • Councilmen approved an $850 payment to Igov Website Company to make a new Internet site for the Town. Councilmen planned to use the site as a directory and calendar for local attractions, restaurants, motels, upcoming events, emergency meetings and other local happenings.
  • Councilmen approved $750 for Kody Holmes to construct a sign welcoming people to Cleveland. As part of his Eagle Scout project, Holmes plans to erect a double-sided sign that will incorporate etching, rock and possibly metal.
  • Councilmen voted Christensen as Town Treasurer. Christensen would help take care of Town finances.
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