Cleveland Town Council Discusses Beautification Committee


The first item on the Cleveland Town Council’s agenda on Thursday evening was a request from Darcey Powell to form a beautification committee and plant trees at the park.

While the council members stressed how pleased they were that someone is interested in bettering the town, they stated that they already have a plan formed for planting trees due to working toward becoming a tree city. The city is given $1,000 per year to spend on trees in order to be a tree city and also have a tree board. The council is gearing up to plant in the park, near the horseshoe pits, at the ball park and wherever else there is established water.

While Powell wasn’t in attendance at the meeting, another attendee spoke in her behalf, stating that Powell’s interest in beautification is due to learning that Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox is running for Governor and is planning on doing a tour of every town in Utah. While touring, Cox plans to conduct an act of service in each area and Powell had the idea that planting trees in the park would be a worthwhile project.

The council stated that, as far as a beautification committee goes, if there are individuals interested in becoming involved then they are all in favor. However, the issue is finding those that wish to do the work.

It was stated that lack in interest is why, before, the tree board went nowhere. The council is currently in the works to form the board. Ultimately, the council made the decision to table the agenda item until the next meeting, where a resolution would hopefully be made.

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