Cleveland Town Council Discusses Project For Damaged Headstones


One of the first items discussed Thursday at Cleveland’s town council meeting, was permission given to the librarian to remove snow in the new parking lot when it comes. County equipment is not allowed on private property, but with the library being county property, the council didn’t think it would be an issue and that it would only need to find a snow plow operator.

Council members also adopted the resolution to cancel the November 2015 election.

Council members have also received letters of concern from the Teri Clawson and Lavon Day families about headstone repairs in the cemetery. Some of the headstones are settling, which has caused damage. The council wants to make it a project and get the town involved, and want to get it taken care of before the winter.

Secondary water will be turned off November 22.

Lora Ann Larsen and Dennis Ardohain, members of the Miner’s memorial committee, attended the meeting to solicit donations and discuss the new Miner’s Memorial that will be built at the historic courthouse in Castle Dale near the Wilberg Disaster Monument.

Cleveland Town’s next meeting will take place November 12 at 7 p.m. at the Cleveland Town Office, 130 W. Main, unless otherwise noticed.

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