Safety Hazard on Uintah


A concerned citizen approached the Helper City Council on Thursday regarding parking, or lack there of, on Uintah street in front of Helper Junior High.

Brian Evans has been a resident of Helper for some time and both him and his wife love the community. But what they don’t love is traffic issues in front of their home on 174 Uintah Street when the junior high hosts games or events.

“I understand that these are issues that come with the territory of living near a school, but it is getting out of control,” Evans said.

Evans continued to describe the situation in detail for the council, saying it is almost impossible to pull in or out of his driveway and when there are cars on both sides of the street there is barely six to eight feet between the two vehicles.

“This issue is near and dear to my heart and Fire Chief Zamntakis’s,” said Mayor Dean Armstrong. “There is no question this is a safety hazard.”

With talks of moving the school to a new location four years away, Evan’s proposed making one side of the road from Main street to Canyon street a no-parking zone.

“I think it is a good idea, I just wonder if it will only be a temporary fix, and move the issue to surrounding streets,” Councilman Chris Pugliese expressed.

Pugliese explained his concern for the surrounding neighborhoods of Canyon, Duchesne, and Vernal who already have parking overflow during times of school events and games.

“If or when other neighborhoods bring this same concern to council, we will have to tell them it is a safety hazard for the school, and the occupants within. We really have no other choice,” Armstrong said.

Councilman Kirk Mascaro was on the opposing end of creating a larger no-parking zone.

“The parking issues have been on that street, and the surrounding area for over fifty years. I don’t think this is going to solve the problem,” Mascaro said.

After further discussion the council agreed the larger no-parking zone would be a temporary fix until the school is moved to a new location.



1. Rodger Metzger approached council to explain plans for the 2013 Helper car show and burn out competition.

2. Jeff Cisneros gave the council “The Dirt” on putting new dirt on the American Legion Field, and other small repairs needed to get the field ready for the 2013 season.

3. Harry Sturdy expressed his concerns about false advertisement and other issues occurring at the Avalon House on Helper Main street. Sturdy claimed the management in the apartment complex advertise a soup kitchen, and also take food donations to benefit the residents of the Avalon house, and then keep the food for themselves. The Council advised Mr. Sturdy, if he feels the organization is being mismanaged, to contact the owner.

4. Councilman Mascaro reported more donations to receive new park equipment in the city. Key Bank recently made a contribution bringing the total fund to $15,000.

5. Council along with HUB (Helper Utah Businesses) wants to implement a RAP tax which would increase Helper’s tax by 1/10% to benefit recreation in the city.

6. Mayor Armstrong explained the Helper Pipe replacement project is moving along, with plans for Area 1 and Area 4 to begin this construction season. The В replacement is expected to be complete by 2016.


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