Colby Migliori Wins $1,000


Valentines Day’s came with a shock for Carbon County resident Colby Migilori, as he was awarded with $1,000 for winning AJB Broadcasting’s “Grand in Your Hand” contest.

Members of the community gathered at Happiness Within on Valentine’s day for the chance to win $1,000, knowing that only one would walk away victorious. For the past several weeks, KUSA and its sister station, True Country, have been qualifying listeners for the contest by being the right caller during the money sounder on both stations.

“I have the best team in the world,” expressed radio personality Amanda Holley-Piaz.  Herself, Taylor Warnock and Frank Ori wanted to reward their listeners for continued support. The trio obtained sponsors to make the contest a reality.

Every month for a year, the stations will qualify 100 listeners. They will then host the event at different locations and pick a winner. That person wins $1,000. However, you must be present at that location.

The March Grand In Your Hand event will be at Edgy Bling. Participants who were at Happiness Within also had the chance to win a coffee basket from the business.


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