College Application Week Wraps Up at Carbon High



A near two-week process of having seniors register for at least one post secondary educational institution ended on Thursday as Carbon High held a college fair in the gymnasium and students rushed to get their applications in by noon that day.

“What a fantastic day we had yesterday,” wrote Melissa Swensen, one of the counselors at the school.  “Students were fully engaged in applying for college. We consider our first experience as part of Utah College Application Week as very successful. There were, as expected, some small glitches but hopefully we can learn from them.”

The morning was filled with seniors getting the chance to talk with representatives from many of the colleges in the state as well as being able to converse with recruiters from all the military options they might have post high school.

Out in the halls the student sat together and some with parents going over their applications and options after graduation.

Juniors and sophomores also attended information sessions on their educational and work futures.

All seniors who applied to any college or university during two-week period of  Nov. 9 to 22 also got to put their name on a pennant and then attached it to the banner located in the counseling office.  The banner with those pennants will be displayed throughout the rest of the school year.

Students who participated also got to enter a drawing for an Amazon Kindle. Winners of the Kindles were Taylon Abeyta, Dallyn Mower, Blake Powell and Carl Hammaker. There were also numerous other winners of other prizes throughout the student body.

All in all the college application period was a deemed a huge success by Swensen.

” We are looking forward to many more successes in the Class of 2016,” she said on Friday.

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