Colorado Native Sentenced in Local Sexual Activity with a Minor Case


In March of this year, twenty-nine-year-old Dustin James Weixel of Colorado was apprehended in regard to a local report of delayed sexual assault.

Upon arrival, the officer had been allegedly informed by Weixel that he had been lying in bed the evening before, “spooning” his fourteen-year-old foster daughter, who he then reportedly began touching under her clothing.

Following being read his Miranda Rights, Weixel reported that he had begun the evening cuddling with his pregnant fiance when the foster daughter entered the room. The fiance allegedly left the room for a bath and the “spooning” between Weixel and the minor began.

The report stated that Weixel had also admitted to being sexually attracted to the young victim for some time and had attempted to “create boundaries” in the hope that he would not give into temptations.

Initially, he was placed under arrest and booked into the Carbon County Jail for unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Weixel had admitted to an extensive criminal history in Colorado, allegedly informing law enforcement that he had absconded from Colorado supervision and moved to Utah without informing his probation officer.

In June, Weixel faced his sentencing. In regard to the charge of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, which is a third degree felony, Weixel pled guilty. He was sentenced to an indeterminate term not to exceed five years in the Utah State Prison.

Weixel was to remain in the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office custody for transportation to the Utah State Prison. The court recommended credit for time served at the Carbon County Jail, as well as consideration for the defendant for any treatments programs at the earliest possible opportunity.

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