Colored While Running *Photo Gallery*


By Vanessa Manual

The second annual 5K color run took place on Saturday in Huntington.

“I enjoy the community getting involved and the kids getting out and I like that they get to play in powder and that we get to be like the big cities,” event coordinator Gloria Wilson explained

This year the race was affected by the weather. There were about 100 people that ran the race. Last year’s race brought over 200 people that participated. Throughout the race there were buckets of powder that included blue, pink, and yellow for people to throw. During the race runners threw colors at their fellow runners.

At the beginning of the race participants received two or three bags of colored powder to throw. There was a firetruck marking the end of the route, so participants knew where to turn around.

The race took place at 400 East and ended at the water treatment plant in Huntington. This was not a timed run but the fastest time was under five minutes.

This event was part of Huntington Heritage Days.

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