Combined Junior High Christmas Chorus Concert Hosted at Emery High


At the Emery High School auditorium Monday evening, San Rafael and Canyon View junior high schools participated in their annual Christmas chorus concert. The chorus directors were Heidi Hill from San Rafael and David Bird from Canyon View, and were accompanied by Jennifer Fauver.

The seventh grade women’s and men’s choir from San Rafael first sang, then the eighth and ninth grade women’s and men’s choir from San Rafael sang their numbers. Following those numbers, the men’s and women’s choirs from Canyon View sang their pieces.

The schools sang last few songs as a combined choir. The lights were turned off for the last song as they sang with candles in their hands.

“They did really, really well,” Hill said. “We put it together in one rehearsal this morning, and we had quite a few mess ups here and there but we pulled it all together for the concert tonight, and I thought it turned out very good.”

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