Commercial Driver Pinned Under Vehicle, Others Transported for Burns


Friday morning on SR 6 near mile post 257 at approximately 1:30 a.m., a commercial vehicle parked by the guardrails was hit by another commercial vehicle according to personnel from the Utah Highway Patrol.

The second vehicle caught fire after the impact. The individuals in the vehicle were able to escape and received some burns. They were flown to the University of Utah Hospital for further attention.

The driver of the parked commercial vehicle, which was partially blocking the road’s westbound lanes, was under the vehicle at the time of the impact inspecting the air lines of the vehicle, which help operate the brakes.

After the impact, the driver was pinned under the vehicle’s axle and had to be extricated from underneath. The driver sustained severe injuries and was transported to Utah Valley Hospital for treatment.

The road on which the accident occurred was closed from 1:30 to 5:45 this morning. As of 5:45 a.m., traffic has resumed through an alternating lane on the road.

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