Commissioner-Elect Lynn Sitterud Eager to Begin His Term as Emery County Commissioner


Commissioner-elect Lynn Sitterud is eager and anxious to begin his term as Emery County Commissioner.

With the slump in coal mining in our area, Sitterud feels that he now has the time to give back to the community that he loves. He would really like to be instrumental in developing the economy so that children and grandchildren can stay in the county or even move back if they have previously left. 

Sitterud passion in this area was enhanced when his daughter and her husband moved out of the area, taking his three grandsons with them. He is already looking for industry or manufacturing  companies that would consider locating in Emery County. His hope is that the nuclear power plant will become a reality near Green River and that tourism can also be developed in that area.   

Sitterud feels that commissioners should be conservative and not raise taxes but rather have the funds before they spend. He is concerned that Emery County’s economy may get worse before it gets better and hopes to be an instrument for the county in avoiding that scenario by increasing business investments. 

He would like to increase the transparency of the office and find ways to get more public input with regards to public office, either by social media, correspondence or public attendance at meetings. 

Sitterud said that because he has not yet begun his experience as commissioner, he is sure he has a lot to learn. 

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