Commissioner Hopes Discusses New Courthouse, New Judge and Suicide Awareness


The Carbon County Chamber of Commerce hosted its monthly luncheon on June 19 at USU Eastern. Commissioner Casey Hopes was the guest speaker at the event and discussed various happenings in the county.

The commissioner touched on the construction of the new courthouse building on 100 North. He explained that the cost of rebuilding the current structure and building a new one to house all county offices would cost about the same amount of money. Hopes said that he feels that the building will be a great asset for the county and should be sufficient for the next 50 years.

While the construction of the new building has been underway for some time, the county is still looking at options for the use of the old building.

Hopes also spoke about suicide that plagues Carbon and Emery counties. With the rising numbers of suicide in the area, it has become important for community members to help those in need. The recent Mike Ballard Memorial Golf Tournament donated funds to the local Hope Squad to raise awareness of suicide in the area.

Finally, Hopes spoke of one of the highlights of the past year. For the commissioner, going through the process of appointing a new judge was an exciting time. Attorney Jon R. Carpenter was appointed to replace Justice Court Judge Elayne Storrs.

The process of appointing a new judge helped Hopes realize how important judges are and how they help to determine if people will change their lives for the better.

The meeting came to end with a reminder of the next Business After Hours event. On June 26, Washington Federal will host the event from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Washington Federal is located at 308 East Main Street in Price.


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