Commissioners Approve Hot Air Balloon Rides for Carbon County Fair


The Carbon County Fair will largely take place during the weekend of August 12-13. Frank Ori spoke to the Carbon County Commissioners during their meeting on Wednesday and requested the approval to offer hot air balloon rides on Saturday morning.

The fee for four hours of use is $3,200. Some of the funds will be recouped by charging a fee of $15 for adults and $7 for children per ride. Ori stated that he felt as if this were a way to bring something new to the fair, including moving the date of the Demolition Derby from June to during the fair. The previous year, just five cars were registered for the derby. However, placing it in conjunction with the fair has encouraged more participants with an outstanding 41 registrations to date.

Ori assured that ground crew members will be provided through volunteers and a number of staff members. Health concerns will also be looked into and verified before participants are allowed on the balloons. This will be set up in front of the senior citizen center on the grass, away from power lines and things alike that could be hazardous.

“I think this is a great addition to the fair as well as everything that you’re doing,” stated commissioner Jake Mellor.

The commissioners unanimously agreed on the hot air balloon rides for the fair, and the motion was passed.

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