Commissioners Continue Support for Livestock Show


On Wednesday evening, the Carbon County Commissioners were visited by young members of the Castle Country Classic Livestock Show. They explained to the commissioners that this year would be the third year hosting the jackpot show for Carbon and Emery youth.

The event is hosted thanks to sponsors, as no other funds are received for it. In 2022, the show was a huge success, with 106 local youth participating. They brought 135 animals to the show. Currently, the search is one for sponsors for the 2023 show.

Last year, a peewee show was added that gave even younger children a chance to show. They were also able to give each individual that participated a t-shirt and a hat. There were also 49 buckles to compete for. There were nine that participated in the peewee showing and many won their first buckles that way, which was very exciting for them.

It was stated that they would appreciate any amount that the commission would be able to donate for the show this year, as without donations, the show does not happen. Following this, a poem regarding 4H and showing animals was read to the commissioners.

Commission Chair Tony Martines expressed his appreciation for them attending and assured them that they did a wonderful job. He said that his hope is that the youngsters would continue with livestock and caring for the animals.

Though the commission was not sure at the moment what they had previously donated, it was approved to match what had been donated the year before.

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