Commissioners Discuss Possible Mineral Lease Royalty Disbursement with Sanpete County


The Carbon County Commissioners discussed the possible approval of a mineral lease royalty disbursement agreement with Sanpete County for federal mineral lease payments from Skyline Mine with County Attorney Christian Bryner during their Wednesday evening meeting.

Bryner explained that Carbon County receives a portion that the service district is authorized to receive under federal and state law. He then stated that the commissioner’s predecessors began discussion with Sanpete County on minerals and how they should be dispersed.

Back in 1994, a 60/40 split was agreed upon between Emery and Carbon counties for their mineral lease monies and Bryner proposed that the commissioners authorize him to begin negotiations with Sanpete County to authorize Carbon County to receive 40% with respect to Sanpete County and mining at Skyline Mine.

Bryner also stated that Sanpete County had expressed being on board with the 60/40 agreement. The commissioners approved moving forward with the disbursement agreement.

Also in attendance at the meeting was Larry Ellertson, previous Utah County Commissioner. Ellertson was in attendance to give a brief congressional update for Congressman John Curtis. Ellertson had previously attended the Emery County Public Lands meeting, where he gave much of the same public lands information.

Commission Chair Casey Hopes stated that he is personally pleased with Congressman Curtis and how often he is in rural communities. Commissioner Tony Martines then stated that he appreciated Ellertson making the trip.

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