Commissioners Grant Money Transfer for Price River Terminal Community Development Project

A decision was made at the Carbon County commission meeting on Jan. 6 regarding the allowance of funds to be moved to the Carbon County Economic Development Agency.

As commissioners were discussing this item, it was made known that the funds being transferred were to facilitate development within the county and contribute to the Price River Terminal Community Development Project area. When transferring money from one county fund to another a public notice is required but not a public hearing.

“I believe this is a good opportunity for development in the county,” stated commissioner Casey Hopes. The motion was then passed for $250,000 to be transferred into the Carbon County Economic Development Agency fund.

The draft plan for the proposed project area has been prepared and the agency is announcing that there will be a public hearing on the draft plan on Jan. 20, at 4:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, at 751 East 100 North in Price. At the public hearing the agency will hear comments from citizens and also take note of objections to the plan. This will include whether the draft plan should be revised, approved or rejected.

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