Commissioners Tackle Energy Days Fireworks Request, Late Fee on Landfill Payments


Frank Ori with Carbon County Recreation made a special visit to the Carbon County Commissioners at their regularly scheduled Wednesday evening meeting for a request.

This request, made yearly, was for the Energy Days fireworks. Ori informed the commissioners that he had sent the request to Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner the day prior, to which Bryner stated that it was a proposal rather than a contract.

Bryner took the liberty of putting the proposal into the same contract form used annually. If approved, Bryner stated that he would send it off to the company for signatures. Bryner and Ori recognized that it is the same form agreed on for over 12 years. Ori reminisced on the fun always had during the event.

The firework display will cost a total of $10,000 for the county and the company that will be lighting them off is the same company that is used for the firework display often witnessed at the Salt Lake Bee’s games. This contract was approved by the commissioners.

Following that item was the discussion between Carbon County Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing and the commissioners on a delinquent fee for the county landfill. Marsing informed the commissioners that there are not many users that are delinquent; however, some of the ones that are have been delinquent for over 12 months.

He continued by stating that he believes a delinquent fee would be a great idea to help give incentive to individuals and businesses to pay on time. When they don’t, Marsing stated, it causes much more work in the office. The increase proposal was a simple one: a 10% increase for each 30 days late.

Bryner stated that the commissioners had previously passed an ordinance allowing to set a rate and they would simply need to proclaim that they are changing the rate. He did not believe that there was a necessity for another ordinance or resolution. Commissioner Larry Jensen suggested that a 10% increase was a bit steep and discussion began on a possible lower percentage or a set dollar amount.

Once a business or individual is delinquent for 90 days, they are no longer allowed to use the landfill until they have paid. The commissioners and Marsing agreed that they do not wish to stifle businesses that need the landfill to function. Commission Chair Casey Hopes agreed that putting a cap on the amount was a fair approach while Bryner stated that usual delinquent fees are around 18% per year.

Commissioner Jensen expressed his worry on the fairness when taken to court and Bryner assured the commissioners he would be happy to conduct more research before a final decision was made.

Also suggested was a warning on the bottom of invoices informing customers of the late fee policy. After more discussion on rates, percentages or a set price, the commissioners ultimately approved a delinquent fee at the landfill of 1.5% monthly, which will equal to an annual interest rate of 18%.

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