Committee Discussing Bringing High School Finals Rodeo to Carbon County Meets Again


A committee discussing the potential of bringing the Utah Junior High and High School State Rodeo Finals in Carbon County, met again this Tuesday to work through the details of a possible bid.

There were a lot of questions and concerns raised by those attending, including Carbon County Commissioner Michael Milovich. Milovich expressed his concern about how the Rodeo will be paid for. However, he did express his willingness to support the Rodeo and the potential benefits it may bring to the community.

Many in the meeting expressed that the only way Carbon County will be able to pull off this event is if the community is heavily involved.

The proposal for the bid must be in by the end of May. Eight other facilities are also working on bids to host the Rodeo, which has the potential to be a five year contract.

The board will be meet again on June 2, after the bid is turned in, to begin preparing to host the event if they are awarded the bill.

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