Committee Ramps Up Support for Exit 240 Beautification


While Carbon County has been buried under the snow and freezing, a sub-committee for community beautification and enhancement has been hard at work constructing plans to make Price City more inviting to travelers driving through the area as well as its own citizens.

The US Chamber of Commerce has noted that community beautification projects are tied strongly to community satisfaction and opportunity for economic development. Some reports estimate a return on investment of 15-20 fold. Exit 240 near Castleview Hospital is an area that gives a first impression of Price City to travelers and citizens alike.

The Utah Dept. of Transportation has shown that exit 240 has an annual traffic volume of more than four million unique trips. Because it would be beneficial to the city to draw these travelers into using the exit to drive into the city to purchase their fuel, snacks and other necessities, the sub-committee has decided to first focus its efforts on this exit.

Led by Castleveiw Hospital CEO Mark Holyoak, the sub-committee has gathered support and financial commitments from several local entities, agencies and citizens such as Carbon County, Castleview Hospital, Emery Telcom, Jones & DeMille Engineering, USU Eastern, Nelco Contractors, Nielson Construction and many others.

“It’s been fun to see so many give of their time, energy and resources to make our community exit more welcoming,” commented Holyoak.

This project will be voted on at the next Price City Council meeting on Feb. 22 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at Price City Hall.

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