Commotion in Smith’s Parking Lot Lead to Out-of-State Minors Taken into Custody


Three out-of-state teenage boys caused a commotion Tuesday evening which led to numerous police officers on scene, and many curios spectators.

The incident began before 5:00 p.m. in Smith’s parking lot, and was described by Price City Police Captain Bill Barnes as, “not as bad as it seemed.”

The three boys had been sitting on bags of ice melt, just outside of the main Smith’s entrance smoking. A manager on duty came outside and told the boys they needed to move away from the entrance, and they obeyed. The boys later returned to sit on the bags and beganВ harassingВ young women as they passed by. This behavior forced management to involve the authorities, and when Price City Police arrived on scene they not only dealt with very resistant behavior, but discovered the young men were from New Mexico and one was violating parole.

The suspect in violation had not notified his parole officer he was leaving the state, and he or she was unaware until they had been contacted. After the young men had been taken to the police department, a question remained whether or not the teen in violation needed to be returned to New Mexico or held until further notice. It was decided the department had no reason to keep him in custody.

“It is not against the law to be an out-of-state minor, we just questioned the young man’s parole violation, and all three of them needed to be removed from the scene,” Barnes said.

The boys were then released, and no furtherВ altercationsВ were reported.

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