Community Builders Refurbish Historic “C” in Price


Press Release

During the past few months residents and visitors of Price have been excited to see the refurbished, painted and lighted “C” on the face of Wood Hill in Northwest Price above Mont Harmon Middle School.

The “C” for Carbon was first painted in 1938 on the same mountain behind what was then first Carbon High School by the State Senate Club of the school. It became a landmark to residents. And, to those who left and returned, it was a symbol that they were back home. Over the years, many efforts have been made to preserve and refurbish it, but it had fallen into disrepair.

Recently, community builders Kaden and Laura Olsen took it upon themselves to refurbish the “C.” They first approached the Carbon School District Superintendent for approval and then set about to gain other support. Sutherlands helped with materials, Castleview Hospital paid for the masonry paint, which was purchased from Southeast Paint and Design, and Charlie Jones loaned a paint sprayer and generator. They then set out on their own to complete the task.

In early November, with the help of Laura and his father Vaughn Jones, Kaden lowered himself over the edge of the cliff and began the work. The project took three long days of preparation, two days of painting and 20 gallons of paint. Price City worker Steve then provided the lighting.

Kaden is a native of Price and majored in journalism at Brigham Young University. His wife Laura has lived all over the U.S. because of her father’s government work, but she usually refers to Connecticut and California as her home states. She has a bachelor’s degree in social science.

In their mid-twenties, they are the owners of Olsen Entertainment Group. They have helped promote entertainment events in Price and most recently in Moab, and have skills in marketing media production, social media management and event solutions. Along with their business efforts, they are active in their church, enjoy`1 gardening and have recently become board and team members of the Green Team of Carbon County. They state their hopes are “for people to fall in love with Carbon County.”

Price City Councilman Layne Miller expressed deep gratitude to the Olsens for their initiative and tremendous effort. “In following the admonition of President John F. Kennedy in ‘not asking what their country (community) could do for them, but rather asking what they could do for their community,’ they exemplify what we appreciate and hope to see more of from our residents,” he said. “They are true community builders.”

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