Community Cares to Bring Christmas Dinner to Those in Need


Community Cares is a non-profit organization that is providing Christmas dinners to those in need on Christmas day this year. It is hoping to reach the hungry, homeless, elderly and needy people in the community who need assistance. A complete holiday dinner is going to be provided with entertainment for the children.

The executive committee is made up of a number of local residents with Brenda Deeter in the lead. Other members of the organization include Gillain Bishop, Colleen Byrge, Pam Cha, Stephanie Cha, Steve Cha, Tami Huntington, Terry Johnson, John Murillo and Jessie Simms.

This meal is open to anyone in the community who is alone or in need on Christmas day. A big thing that the organization would like to stress is that no reservations are required. “We just want to reach out to anybody,” stated member Pam Cha.

Transportation will be provided by the college at sites in Wellington, Helper, East Carbon and Price. Additionally, Community Cares will be delivering dinners to the homebound. If you would like food delivered, contact the organization. It has reached out to the senior citizen center, Meals on Wheels and more to get information on delivering.

The dinner will be hosted at the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center at USU Eastern on December 25 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Please contact Deeter at (435) 820-8140 if you would like dinner delivered to you. You may also contact Deeter or any member of the executive committee to help in any way you can. The organization can be found on Facebook under Community Cares.

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