“Community Covenant” Presented to Cleveland Council


Army National Guard Captain David Jones introduced at Thursday’s Cleveland City Council meeting the Utah Community Covenant Program designed to strengthen support for the United States Military.

Jones and Councilmen discussed drafting a City resolution that would designate a “military liaison” and authorize the Community Covenant. The resolution would form a collaborative group of City leaders, educators, law enforcement, clergy, employers and VSOs.

Jones said organizers wanted to include all Utah cities and towns in the program.

“The Community Covenant program is basically just a formal addition to the relationship you have with the Army National Guard as a City so that we can work together and provide the best resources and services, combining both our resources and yours, to help serve the service members and their families,” said Jones.

Jones said the National Guard was hoping to eventually have an impact on the County, State and National level.

“I personally feel that if we can get the support of the County Commissioners, and we come together collectively and have a representative from each town, it would be more unified and more beneficial,” said Councilman Bryan Christensen.

The Covenant signing was scheduled for July 24 during Cleveland Days.

Go to https://www.ut.ngb.army.mil/family for more details on the Community Covenant program.

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