Community Days, Park Cleanup and More Discussed at East Carbon City Council Meeting


The first East Carbon/Sunnyside Council meeting for July took place on Tuesday.

The first item taken care of on the agenda was community member Jesse Stewart requesting a business license. Stewart explained to the council that he would like to do a lawn care and junk removal business. The handyman license for Stewart was unanimously approved.

Each member of the council then gave their updates. Council member Ruby Cordova gave her updates on Community Days. She spoke with the maintenance department and was able to secure both port-a-potties for the festivities and a tarp that nearly cover the whole area. The tarp is to ensure that vendors can be sheltered from weather. Council member Barbara Robinett stated that the way the booths are currently set up is going to present an issue because she already had areas promised to some vendors. The decision was made to re-approach the setup and make changes as needed. Cordova then also stated that the park in Columbia is completed and looks very nice.

Robinett spoke about the fire department, which is going to the firework show that they hope will produce a great turnout. She then proposed the idea that as soon as Community Days has finished, work meetings in the council need to be conducted in order to bring every member up to speed on having accountability and what responsibilities fall into whose lap.

“It is our responsibility, as elected officials, to be our best for the community and we need to live up to those responsibilities,” Robinett stated.

Robinett then informed Mayor Doug Parsons that some community members have complained to her that the garbage cans at Viking Park have not been dumped in quite some time and are starting to overflow. Parsons stated that he requested to have them taken care of a week ago and would look into the issue. He also said that he would look into an area that the council members had taken time and money to make nice again. They added grass and flowers because a citizen told Robinett that the area looked as if it were dying.

East Carbon City Police Officer Philip Holt then updated the council on the archery situation. Dave Maggio volunteered to dedicate time with some fellow hunters that are willing to drive to Denver and pick up targets, which will probably happen next week. This will give credit toward the hunter’s community hours. Holt then suggested paying back anyone that has donated time to pick items up from Price for Community Days by giving them a full tank of gas.


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