Community Economic Council – Quality of Life Committee Overview


Press Release

This is the fifth article in a series introducing the Community Economic Development Council, its purpose and next steps open to all in Carbon County. The Community Economic Council was organized by the Carbon County Commission following the study done by Lewis Young Robertson and Burningham and the restructuring of both the Carbon County Economic Development and Tourism Departments. There are four committees under the umbrella of the Community Economic Council: Quality of Life, Employee Development and Recruitment, New Business Development and Local Business Expansion. Each committee has co-chairs, who also serve on the council, with members from both the private and public sector.

The Quality of Life Committee has been tasked with the very important role of improving the economic future of the area. Its main goal is to improve the quality of life for both current and new community members by encouraging them to have a voice in the processes to define the physical, economic, educational and cultural characteristics that distinguish their communities.

The committee has identified a great deal of tasks to accomplish, including the beautification of neighborhoods, revitalization of downtown districts, increasing community involvement in planning for the future and identifying the unique assets of the area to market. In order to accomplish the tasks identified, the committee has created six sub-committees each with a specific area of focus. The sub-committees are USU Community Connection, Outdoor Recreation, Beautification, Tourism, Marketing and Grants/Funding.

The tourism sub-committee is currently working to identify the unique assets of the area that can be marketed to local residents and visitors along with potential businesses and their employees. They are working with Carbon County Tourism Specialist Tina Henrie to create a campaign that will highlight the recreation opportunities in the area such as hiking, biking, canyoneering and the vast amount of OHV trails available, to name a few. The campaign is intended to serve multiple purposes. The first is to inform local residents of the amazing opportunities available in their own backyards. The committee is hoping this will encourage residents to be especially proud to call Carbon County their home. The second is to entice visitors on their way to other Utah destinations to stop and discover the unique recreational opportunities available in this area. The last is to inform businesses from outside of the area that Carbon County is a place their business and employees can easily thrive.

The co-chairs of this committee are Amy Knott-Jespersen, co-owner of Bicyclewerks and Price City Council Member, and Ben Heaton, general manager at Blue Diamond GM.

Knott-Jespersen said, “We are trying to achieve a better “story” for our community based on improved quality of life for our own future as well as for the future of our children.”

Heaton stated, “What brought me to this area initially was the quality of life, the people, the pace and the incredible surroundings of endless outdoor recreation possibilities. We are truly fortunate to be able to drive 20 minutes in any direction and enjoy world class scenery and outdoor activities, year round. The quality of life in our area is second to none, and the word is getting out.”

Henrie added, “This is a great opportunity for our communities and governments to work together to accomplish the quality of life we all long for. I feel honored to be involved in the great changes that will be taking place in Carbon County.”

The Community Economic Council invites all interested citizens to join them for any scheduled Town Hall meetings in your area: Monday, Jan. 21 in Helper, Tuesday, Jan. 22 in East Carbon, Wednesday, Jan. 23 in Wellington and Thursday, Jan. 24 in Price. These meetings are the best opportunity to learn more about each of the four committees as well as a chance for anyone interested in signing up to volunteer.

The Community Economic Council encourages you to reserve the aforementioned date(s). Although specific details regarding location and time are not yet available, they will be advertised prior to each meeting. Plan to have your voices and opinions heard as they develop a plan to improve and promote the local quality of life.

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