Community Garden Continues to Grow and Seeks Helpful Gardeners


While local food banks are a focus during Thanksgiving and Christmas, donations and volunteer hours dwindle throughout the rest of the year. Members of the Carbon County Food Bank want it to be known that the food bank is extremely active other times of the year and always appreciates food donations and volunteers.

At this time of year, bank workers and volunteers are busily tending the community garden. Seed was recently planted and now the effort of weeding, watering and tending the garden is underway.

“We have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, summer squash, pumpkins, carrots, peas and more,” explained food bank coordinator Mary Quintana. “The garden has grown over the past four years. We have even planted some fruit trees likes apple, cherry and pear.”

All of the food harvested from the garden goes to food banks in Carbon, Emery and Grand counties. Food is distributed quickly after harvesting, ensuring fresh, quality produce.

“Customers are in need of fresh produce,” Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments Community Service Program Manager Geri Gamber said. “While nonperishable donations are great, customers need fresh, healthy food as well.”

With program coordinators looking for the garden to grow, volunteers are in demand for the garden and donations are appreciated. Quintana explained that the garden received its start when bank volunteer Dale Cloward wished for the food bank to have local, fresh produce. Price City donated land near the Carbon County Food Bank and donates water to the project while local businesses donate things such as seed and volunteer hours.

Those looking to volunteer their time may visit the garden at 75 East 400 South in Price Monday-Friday from 8-5 p.m. Arrangements can also be made for volunteers during the weekend. For more information, call the Carbon County Food Bank at (435) 637-9232.

“We need volunteers,” Gamber concluded. “They are our lifeline.”

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