Community Members Present Dr. Kathie Allen with Questions at Q&A Event


Community members had the chance to present Dr. Kathie Allen with questions about her candidacy in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District Wednesday afternoon.

To start the event, Allen’s Campaign Communications Director Daniel Friend displayed an infographic that explained the reasoning behind why free marketing solutions will not be a solution to America’s health care issue. After Friend’s remarks, Dr. Allen was introduced to the podium where she shared a personal story of coping with her father’s opioid addiction. The politician then acknowledged Carbon County’s opioid crisis.

After Allen’s remarks, attendees asked her questions about her¬†candidacy for the remainder of the evening. One of the main questions that was posed from the audience included her support of medical cannabis. Dr. Allen explained that she is for medical cannabis but clarified she does not support prescribing it to adolescents due to a young person’s brain responding differently to cannabis than an adult’s brain.

Questions not only touched on health care but also on an energy policy, an important issue in Carbon County. Dr. Allen presented the audience with the answer of her belief of cutting-edge technologies giving United States businesses non-fuel uses for coal, such as oil currently being used to produce plastics.

When the Q&A was over, refreshments were served as well as free merchandise for attendees.

For more information about Dr. Allen’s opinions, views and more, please click here.

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